Steve Bowler tweeted a photo of an assignment that his 8-year-old daughter’s teacher said she did incorrectly. The homework assignment had a list of toys or activities, and the kids were supposed to categorize them based on whether they were for boys, girls, or both, with equal numbers in each box. The assignment takes for granted the gendering of toys, and that there is a “correct” answer to the question of which gender they are appropriate for.

Bowler’s daughter did the assignment differently. After placing 3 items in the “boys” category and 2 in the “girls” group, she made additional boxes to add more things in the “both” column.

But at the bottom, the teacher notes that the assignment wasn’t done correctly. The point of the assignment is to categorize; the implicit message — that boys and girls are different types of people who like different types of things — isn’t questioned. A child sees this list of items and doesn’t gender them in the way the lesson took for granted; the reaction wasn’t to acknowledge her innovation and perhaps question the gendering, it was simply to say she did it wrong.

Bowler, for the record, said he was proud his daughter failed the assignment and just wished she’d done even worse on it.

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[some gender-related bullshit removed.]

I’d be at the school having a giant argument with the teacher.

Here, I fixed it for you.

Suck it, stupid teacher.

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Doctor test labor pains!

Doctor Andrew Rochford and his wife had twins a few years ago. He says: ” When I stood there next to her, I thought I understood what she went through.”

In the Australian show ”What’s good for you” the doctor and host himself now go through “labor”. Electrical impulses will create contractions in the stomach that will be like real labor pains. To help - so everything will be correct - the doctor have a mother of four who voluntarily offered to be a guinea-pig. She makes a face when the machine starts. When the “contractions” starts she says: ” Yes, that’s how it feels”. Before she leaves the room she smiles to the doctor and says; “Men can’t do this so good luck”.

A midwife and a doctor is in place to monitor the experiment. They start with giving Andrew Rochford Braxton Hicks. “Oh God”, he says and starts to sweat. When the contraction is over he relaxes. “What a relief”, he says.

Just like with a ordinary first timer the contractions finally comes more often and lasts longer. Andrew Rochford have a harder time to deal with the pain and begs for something for the pain. he gets nitrous oxide (laughing gas). After about 3 hours he has 60 seconds long contractions and 60 seconds break in between.

– “How much longer?”, he asks.

– “A first timer usually have contractions for about 12 hours, so you have 9 to go”, the midwife answers.

That’s when Andrew Rochford had enough and stops the experiment.

– ” I thought I knew what you are going through. I don’t. All talk about men having a higher threshold for pain than women is a lot of bullshit. Women, you win”, he says.

Hahaha soooo funny.

This makes me so happy.

THIS is why I’m adopting.

Also this is fabulous.



(The sticker on her podium seriously reads: “Stands on her own! Literally.” And figuratively!)

The White House Project and Mattel have teamed up to create one badass Barbie. The result, pictured above, is “I Can Be President” Barbie. There are a…



Rachel Maddow shares a clip from an Al Jazeera documentary featuring an Ohio State Legislator who is advocating extreme anti-abortion legislation.

What a piece of shit legislator.

This is gonna be my response to every abortion related thing now.

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I have a lot of followers on this blog, so I’m going to use it for just a moment, to bring something horrible and important to light, and to ask you to help me to stop it.

I live in Arizona, a.k.a. probably the most backwards US state out there. There is…

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Such overblown rhetoric disguises the operation of a double standard in contemporary society. On the one hand, the consumption of alcohol is viewed as making women MORE responsible for their own rape: by choosing to get drunk, women are deliberately increasing their risk and should be prepared to face the consequences. On the other hand, male consumption of alcohol is viewed as making them LESS responsible for their actions; by choosing to get drunk, men increase the chance of inappropriate behaviour and should not therefore be required to pay the price for their actions.

Joanna Bourke- Rape: Sex Violence History (via loveyourchaos)

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There are only two types of men who are upset that they need permission before they can have sex: rapists and potential rapists.

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”Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

You know exactly who I’m talking to.  Those of you who insist on claiming you’re being persecuted or oppressed simply because people don’t agree with you, as in those who cry “heterophobia” and other such rubbish.

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Oh wow. Someone finally admitted it: The GOP is a party of white people who don’t want to acknowledge or give up their white privilege.

And they don’t care about any marginalized people. They’re not even good at pretending they do.

Since I never believe anything that is on tumblr, he actually did say this. Here is the Washington Post article.

You have got to be shitting me.



So this woman is speaking right now at the RNC.

I hope a brick falls on her fucking head, no shit

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body positive consent? perfection.

Nailing body positivity and sexual positivity. 

I like this.

Me too.



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In 30 years observations, Jane Goodall never saw one rape among the chimpanzees, our closest primate cousins. Though it’s not possible to draw firm conclusions about human behaviour from animals, Goodall’s findings, and many other recent studies, get us questioning the old myths we have about rape. One of the most persistent myths about rape is that male biology and primitive male sex urges drive men to rape. But current information indicates that rape is more a learned act of sexual violence that comes out of social beliefs that men have a right to dominate and control women. The fact that rape is learned means that we can work to change the underlying beliefs and eliminate rape from our communities.

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Today in labor history, June 10, 1963:  President John F. Kennedy signs into law the Equal Pay Act, prohibiting wage discrimination based on gender.  Forty-nine years later, women are still making 77 cents for every dollar men make doing the same work.  

If they’re not going to pay me as much as men, leaving 23% early is the only acceptable compromise.

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