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My bees wouldn’t stay out of my dog’s watering bowl and not only were they annoying her but they were drowning in large numbers.

At first I tried using a bird bath and changed the water twice a week for my bees, but never saw them using it. I think it was too close to the hive (they like their water source to be a bit farther away from the hive) and the birds were always in it.

So then I turned a medium sized pot into a water garden with plants and a piece of wood for them to land on. The bees are loving it! Every time I have gone to check on it there are 20+ of them drinking. Since I have set up the garden I have not found a bee in the dog bowl.

As for preventing mosquitoes, I plan on ordering a few tadpoles or feeder fish.

aw that’s really cool

Lookit the happy beeeees!

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

The fuck is this?

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So, my friend Robyn is a really amazing lady. She’s one of the hardest working people I know; she put herself through school amidst countless struggles and has since secured for herself a spot at a top school in California.
At the moment her dollars are stretched pretty thin and just like life to kick someone in the teeth when they’re super unprepared, her little bitty dog needs surgery on her knees.

Her sister has set up a GoFundMe page for Penny the pup and if you’ve got a buck or two to toss her way, I have to say, I’m sure it would make a huge difference.

If you don’t have a buck to toss her way that’s cool too, but spare a positive thought for Penny, if you could.

Muchas gracias!






This is making me really sad

Holy shit I didn’t realize there were that few tigers


I remember seeing a documentary some time ago about declining tiger populations.  Although I can’t remember the name of it (or the network), I did find this link which includes lack of prey animals, shrinking habitats, and extremely compromised genetic diversity among the major causes.

How can people still think that poaching is worth it?! People are ignorant pricks.

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By Andy Khouri

“I think this woman is wrong about something on the Internet. Clearly my best course of action is to threaten her with rape.”

That’s crazy talk, right? So why does it happen all the time?

Honest question, dudes.

That women are harassed online is not news. That women in comics and the broader fandom cultures are harassed online is not news. That these women are routinely transmitted anonymous messages describing graphic sexual violence perpetrated upon them for transgressions as grave as not liking a thing… that is actually news to me, and it’s probably news to a lot of you guys reading this.

So what do we do about it?



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So, to say that my post from earlier this week has blown up would be a bit of an understatement, I think…

I’ve been blown away by the amount of support I’ve gotten from the comics community. This sort of thing (the condescension, rudeness, personal attacks, and rape threats) happens to my female friends all the time, as I mentioned before, so I thought I’d get a few “oh yeah, I hate when that happens…” and that would be that.

Instead, many, many people I know and don’t know have contacted me in various ways to let me know that they are sorry people are awful and that they care about making this community (or their related communities like gaming) a better place. I cannot express to all of you how much that means to me.

I wanted to add a couple “quick” (oh come on I realize I’m actually incapable of that) points/clarifications in the midst of everything going on that I think are important to keep in mind as (hopefully) this conversation continues:

1. Not only am I not alone in receiving rape threats, I’m by FAR on the receiving end of probably the least amount of many of my friends. I have friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. who have lived with rape and death threats for years now - some have lived with them for decades. Some have had their children threatened. Some have had their home address shared. Some have been stalked in person. And of course, some have actually been raped. As lovely as the support for my situation has been, I would appreciate it if we started to turn the conversation more towards the fact that this is something that women in the public eye live with all. the. time. That is not okay. 

2. On a related note, a lot of men hear about this and say “where is this happening? I’ve never seen rape threats online!” You can see a few comments like that here in the comments on my friend and editor Andy Khouri’s piece at comicsalliance (it’s an excellent piece and well worth reading if you haven’t already). Here’s the thing - these dudes don’t often threaten rape where they know other people can see it. They do it in asks on Tumblr and PMs on message boards and yes, occasionally in tweets with their anonymous, fake twitter names. The ones that came to me came in through my Google docs survey which is purposefully an anonymous survey (to protect the victims of sexual harassment who want to respond). 

So maybe you want to know what you can do or why it matters that these dudes are sending threats. Maybe you think they’re just threats so why worry too much about them?

There’s this piece I often refer to (and often hear referred to by other women) that apparently started as a comment on a Penny Arcade blog (you can find it here). To quote the particularly relevant parts:

Virtually all rapists genuinely believe that all men rape, and other men just keep it hushed up better. And more, these people who really are rapists are constantly reaffirmed in their belief about the rest of mankind being rapists like them by things like rape jokes, that dismiss and normalize the idea of rape.

If one in twenty guys (or more) is a real and true rapist, and you have any amount of social activity with other guys like yourself, then it is almost a statistical certainty that one time hanging out with friends and their friends, playing Halo with a bunch of guys online, in a WoW guild, in a pick-up game of basketball, at a bar, or elsewhere, you were talking to a rapist. Not your fault. You can’t tell a rapist apart any better than anyone else can. It’s not like they announce themselves.

But, here’s the thing. It’s very likely that in some of these interactions with these guys, at some point or another, someone told a rape joke. You, decent guy that you are, understood that they didn’t mean it, and it was just a joke. And so you laughed.

Or maybe you didn’t laugh. Maybe it just wasn’t a very funny joke. So maybe you just didn’t say anything at all.

And, decent guy who would never condone rape, who would step in and stop rape if he saw it, who understands that rape is awful and wrong and bad, when you laughed? When you were silent?

That rapist who was in the group with you, that rapist thought that you were on his side. That rapist knew that you were a rapist like him. And he felt validated, and he felt he was among his comrades.

So, maybe you’ve never seen someone make a rape threat. Maybe you think you don’t know any rapists. But you do. I do. I mean, I know who at least a handful are, but I also assume that there are other men I’ve met who are rapists. Statistically, it’s a probability. And if most of the women I know are receiving rape threats, some of them are even receiving hundreds of threats, well, it’s statistically a probability that some of those men are actual rapists.

You might not be able to catch these shitheads in the act of making a rape threat but you CAN create a culture where rape is not just a thing that happens to women and rape threats are not an appropriate reaction to anything, much less a review of a comic cover. You can lead by example. You can choose to not rape women and instead to treat us as equals. 

3. This is not related to the last point entirely, but I do think that there are some dudes engaged in this whole conversation who maybe need to do some soul searching about why they take this situation and the general existence of rape threats more seriously when it’s being brought up by a man. I want to think the best of people, really I do, but there are definitely men who just don’t hear women when they bring up these issues but want to rush in to talk about it after a man brings it up. If you recognize this in yourself, it might be worth considering why that is and also trying to sort out if there are other areas in which you are dismissive of women.

In general, that’s been a consistent theme of the last 5 days for me - men (and even some women) being dismissive of my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and qualifications entirely because I’m a woman. The people doing this are not just the assholes who think it’s okay to send someone a rape threat. They are people you know. I’m sure many of them would scoff at the idea that they’re doing this because I’m a woman, but to deny that is completely ridiculous. I know how dudes in comics are treated. I know how torn apart they get about stuff like plotlines in super hero comics. It’s not good. But it’s nothing like the way I was treated in this situation and it’s nothing like how I see women in comics treated every day. It’s not just the rapists or the rape-threatists. The problem with how men treat women in comics is bigger than that, and just like the problem with the rape threats, I don’t think it should be something women alone are dealing with and trying to fix.

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Let’s see; keep pay low for average workers, keep pay high for the higher-ups, keep unemployment high by squeezing as much as possible out of those workers and basically tell anyone who can’t get by to stay out of sight.

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Donut is an eight-week old Pug puppy that we purchased in a deplorable condition in Inverness, Florida, from a woman who gave us fake papers and contact information. In retrospect, there were a lot of red flags, but we were naive and in love, so we brought Donut into our home. She is the puppy of my son’s dreams, and now five days after we drove her home, she’s in a fight for her little life.

In five days, she’s come down with a massive bacterial infection, undergone emergency surgery for rectal prolapse as a likely result of her massive hookworm infestation, is severely dehydrated, and has almost an undetectable white blood cell count. She has pustules on her belly and needs two antibiotics and daily fluids.

The vet advises inpatient intensive care. We know our limits. We’ve maxed out our care credit at the emergency vet and we have three little kids. We have to prioritize. I am not an asker, usually. Usually I’m much more the giver. But in this case, I just want Donut to have a chance to get a life and not be robbed of it from the woman who put her here. I want my son to keep his puppy. She’s a sweet, smart, wonderful girl and to see her deteoriate crushes my soul.

If a few people can give a few dollars, it might get her a few days on inpatient day treatment with fluids, etc.

There is a chance she won’t make it. We have to be realistic. But the vet thinks she has a chance, and it’s one we have to take.

Donut is being treated at All Pet Care Hospital in Clearwater, Fl by Dr. Springer.

If you can help, we’d be so grateful. If not, please just say a prayer for our little girl. That means a lot, too.

Thank you!

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Photo by Mathieu Fortoul/MSF

Nearly 60,000 displaced people are currently living in terrible conditions in M’Poko camp in Central African Republic. The already bad hygienic conditions are likely to get worse as the rainy season continues. MSF has set up a field hospital with 60 beds as well as three health posts to cover the medical needs and teams carry out 1,000 medical consultations per day, mainly for malaria, diarrhea, respiratory infections and skin disease linked to the sanitary conditions. Teams are trying to address the hygiene needs by building latrines and providing clean water.


Mississippi recently passed a law allowing businesses to deny LGBT people on religious grounds, but some business owners aren’t having it. Hundreds of businesses throughout the state are displaying these stickers in their windows to demonstrate their commitment to equality. It’s part of “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling,” a campaign by Equality Mississippi and 30 local businesses to combat harmful effects of the religious freedom bill. Yes, yes, yes. Mississippians, look for this when you shop. (via The Advocate)

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