his life was totally in danger.


True story; this officer (John Pike) got a settlement of $38,000 because he said he got depressed after pepper spraying these kids. Oh, the depression wasn’t for feeling remorseful for pepper spraying a bunch of college kids peacefully protesting. He got depressed because he said since the media kept playing the video of him pepper spraying peaceful kids without cause, he got threats and didn’t feel safe. He didn’t feel safe. I’m not making that up. This motherfucker collected nearly 40 grand on worker’s comp after assaulting a bunch of college kids.


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After she came up to me and said, “I’ve been with my partner for 20 years… We would never get married because he’s on social security income, and because my daughter is disabled I have secondary income from the state to support my daughter. If I got married, both my benefits and his benefits would be reduced because we would become a double income family.”

She was explaining that marriage doesn’t work for poor people, and that it doesn’t work for disabled people. Having really simple examples like hers are important.

What if the LGBTQ movement fought for prison abolition rather than same-sex marriage? (via disabilityhistory)

this is important. for a lot of low income folks on government benefits, marriage is against their financial self-interest. trying to put a dollar amount of the symbolic value of marriage is hard.

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No ice? Gaza is doing the Rubble Bucket Challenge.

"We don’t have water, but this is what we have."

While the West chucks endless buckets of water around, Palestinians have responded with their own version of the craze – the Rubble Bucket Challenge.

The idea is simple: raise awareness for the political situation in Gaza by replacing ice and water with debris from bombed-out buildings.

Palestinian student Maysam Yusef is the creator of the hashtag #RubbleBucketChallenge and of the main page: [x]


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Plaintiff Matthews was confronted by approximately eight Defendant John Doe police officers in military type uniforms who had their weapons trained upon him. Plaintiff immediately put his hands in the air whereupon he was shot multiple times with rubber bullets.

At that point, Plaintiff Matthews fell into a creek or sewer. Defendant John Doe officers pounced on him, slammed his face into the concrete, and pushed his head underwater to the point that he felt he was going to be drowned. Afterward, Defendant John Doe police officers continued to assault him and spray him with O.C. spray.

Ferguson protesters are finally hitting police where it hurts … to the tune of $41.5 million  (via micdotcom)

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This vine got taken down.

I think that’s fucking important to note, that this vine got taken down. I saw it and it languished in my drafts for a while because it fell through the cracks.

Remember this. Remember that they’re taking down protest videos. Remember that they’re trying to control the narrative. Remember, keep posting, keep sharing, keep talking about Ferguson. Don’t let the story die.

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If a police officer’s job is to uphold and enforce the law — literally their one and only job description — and you knew that almost half of police officers think they’re above the law, what does that say? If half of them admitted it on a survey how many more do you think actually feel this way? 

What if I told you half of doctors don’t care about patient well-being, or half of farmers don’t care about growing crops, or half of our presidents dislike the public?

The law in itself is super problematic and terrible, but if on top of that police officers don’t even adhere to that at the very least, what does that tell you about the justice system? 

hey look what i found in my likes from a year ago 

And since we’re asking police and some of them lie I’m sure these numbers are much higher smh.

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BREAKING: In Ferguson, cops hand out 3 warrants per household every year


Alex Tabarrok comments on the rather remarkable caseload of Ferguson’s municipal court:

You don’t get $321 in fines and fees and 3 warrants per household from an about-average crime rate. You get numbers like this from bullshit arrests for jaywalking and constant “low level harassment involving traffic stops, court appearances, high fines, and the threat of jail for failure to pay.”

If you have money, for example, you can easily get a speeding ticket converted to a non-moving violation. But if you don’t have money it’s often the start of a downward spiral that is hard to pull out of….If you are arrested and jailed you will probably lose your job and perhaps also your apartment—all because of a speeding ticket.

We’ve all seen a number of stories like this recently, and it prompts a question: why are police departments allowed to fund themselves with ticket revenue in the first place? Or red light camera revenue. Or civil asset forfeiture revenue. Or any other kind of revenue that provides them with an incentive to be as hardass as possible. Am I missing something when I think that this makes no sense at all?

This is sort of a genuine question. I know these policies are common, but where did they come from? Are they deliberate, created by politicians who like the idea of giving their local cops an incentive to get tough? Were they mostly the idea of police departments themselves, who figured the revenue from fines would provide a net boost in their annual funding? Or did they just accrete over time, popping up whenever there was a budget crisis and then never going away?

Does anyone know?

Source: Kevin Drum for Mother Jones

I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot, and if I need to I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me.

Actual quote from Ferguson “law enforcement” officer and 35-year police veteran, Dan Page. But hey, let’s keep focusing on all those unreasonable “looters and rioters” (via odinsblog)

Wow victim blaming much?

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the5thsister asked:

This is an actual question, what the fuck do people think Darren Wilson needs the money for? Like literally what is the logic, what do they think he needs financial support for??


I read some of those comments on the gofundme page and by the looks of it they’re just giving him money to reward him for killing Michael Brown

Literally that’s it. He hasn’t addressed the public in any way yet. Hasn’t expressed any financial need 

they’re just rewarding him for a “job well done”







Remember Tarika

Black women also have a long history of abuse and violence at the hands of the state.

Read Danielle McGuire’s At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistancehttp://amzn.to/1m8Bkyi

shot while holding a baby

She was on her knees too

We could start a blog and just post Black people killed by police. Shit would be endless.



Baby didn’t DIE, but hey, small target.


25K retweets and I’ve lost count of how many death threats. Keep reposting. #Ferguson #Racism #Progress

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Three Police Guns and a Baby, By Cindy Gomez-Schempp

On July 25, 2014, 13 Fargo, ND police officers were dispatched to arrest one 15 year old girl. She claimed Fargo police used excessive force. Officers said they smelled marijuana. She reportedly told officers she was retrieving her sister’s phone and charger from the car but was still dragged her from the car, had her head beat on the hood of a car, and was handcuffed and hogtied causing excruciating pain to her arms, wrists and ankles. (See original story here)

A week and a half later, the 15 year old’s mom went to the police department with her lawyer to request a complaint form from the Fargo Police concerning the brutal arrest of her innocent 15 year old daughter. The day after she met with the Fargo Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards, her car was pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle. She was ready to record because she had been reporting repeated harassment from police toward her family members, especially those who witnessed and reported on her daughter’s arrest.

3 Police Guns and a Baby While giving her friend a ride, she was boxed in and detained by a hoard of police cars during a traffic stop on the vehicle ahead of her (which her passenger’s daughter and boyfriend were traveling in). During the stop officers drew their guns at unarmed occupants including a three year old toddler. A recent Nation article cited what every U.S. Marine knows: That you never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot. Neither the Ferguson nor the Fargo police have been advised of this important distinction.

The disturbing encounter for this embattled Fargo mother, included three guns pulled on the scene against unarmed travelers; one of them a three year old child. The person they arrested did not resist arrest, made his hands visible, and did not pose any visible threat to officers. The mother of the 15 year old recently reporting excessive force claims that she is now being subjected to constant surveillance and harassment as a result of exposing police misconduct to media. The unmarked police vehicle that detained both cars had been sitting outside her home “all day”, and she suspected it as a surveillance vehicle once she left the mobile home park where she lives and noticed it was following her.

READ MORE HERE: http://lastrealindians.com/three-police-guns-and-a-baby-by-cindy-gomez-schempp/

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