All over the world migrant workers are sending money home to their families. The money pays hospital bills and school fees, buys land, builds houses and sets up small businesses. The cash goes from the US back to Mexico, from the Gulf back to India, from the UK back to Somalia, and from South Africa back to Malawi, Zimbabwe and the rest of southern Africa.

But what these workers probably do not realize, since they usually only ever send to one country, is that the cost of sending money varies greatly. Now a study of the cost of remittances, carried out by London’s Overseas Development Institute with support from the fund-raising charity Comic Relief, has revealed that transfers to African countries cost around half as much again as the global average, and twice as much as transfers to Latin America.

The ODI estimates that if remittance charges were brought down to the world average, the money saved could educate an extra 14 million primary school children, half of all those currently out of school on the continent. …

WHEATLAND, Calif. — The Central Valley was once one of North America’s most productive wildlife habitats, a 450-mile-long expanse marbled with meandering streams and lush wetlands that provided an ideal stop for migratory shorebirds on their annual journeys from South America and Mexico to the Arctic and back.

Farmers and engineers have long since tamed the valley. Of the wetlands that existed before the valley was settled, about 95 percent are gone, and the number of migratory birds has declined drastically. But now an unusual alliance of conservationists, bird watchers and farmers have joined in an innovative plan to restore essential habitat for the migrating birds. …


"Going to church on Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than going into a garage makes you an automobile" ~ (attributed to evangelist ‘Billy’ Sunday and, in varying forms, to others)


“Nothing prepares you for Gaza; no amount of UN humanitarian reports, no amount of newspaper articles, no amount of human rights investigations. None of these can adequately convey what the people here are going through; the profound sense of isolation and the sheer scale and depth of the suffering,” said Pierre Krähenbühl, the new Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), on his first official visit to the Gaza Strip.

He underscored the need to lift the seven-year Israeli blockade and end the “illegal collective punishment” unleashed on the population there.

Read the full story here.  

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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a wide-ranging gun bill into law Wednesday that has critics howling and proponents applauding.

House Bill 60, or the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 — which opponents have nicknamed the “guns everywhere bill” — specifies where Georgia residents can carry weapons. Included are provisions for taking guns into some bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports.

GeorgiaCarry, which lobbied for the bill, calls it “meaningful pro-gun legislation,” despite it being watered down from the group’s perspective. Still, the group has lauded the legislation, which will go into effect July 1. Americans for Responsible Solutions opposed the bill, calling it “extremism in action.”



This hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m still feeling a little nauseous after this realization.

I also put it on DA

This is a wonderful presentation. I just had to add these:







Don’t ever let anyone tell you that gender egalitarianism isn’t possible among humans, or that our species’ “natural” state is one of gender oppression.

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Why Declawing is a Bad Idea (An 1-minute guide)

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This is very important

My family adopted a cat whose previous owner declawed her. She had nowhere else to go and couldn’t stay in a shelter room with any other cats since she was continuously bullied without defense. We ended up taking her since we own an extremely docile cat, and she’s now living a happy life. But declawing is never a good idea.

seriously it is literally mutilating your pet it is monstrous i will lose all respect for you if you do this to your cat

God, this is so important. I got my cat when I was younger and my mom declawed him without asking me. Since then he’s had complications with infections in the poorly healed surgical wounds multiple times and he’s frequently in pain. He limps almost all the time and rarely ever jumps down from anything higher than waist hight because of how much the impact of landing on his front paws hurts. For the love of god, do not put your cat through this.

dear Megan 

If you value a piece of furniture more than your cat’s quality of life and/or are too ignorant to respect their space so you don’t get scratched, for fucks sake don’t get a cat.

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Colonialism is when bees bust their asses to make honey but all the bottles look like bears!

Kim Crosby’s Facebook page(which quoted me yesterday!)

Holy shit, best quote fucking ever, holy shit.

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OMFG I don’t LOL often but Goddamn.

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Perfect analogy is perfect.

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Thousands of Turkish women took part in a Twitter campaign to voice outrage at men who invade their personal space by spreading their legs while sitting next to them on buses and trains. Turkish tags #bacaklarinitopla, “Stop Spreading Your Legs,” or #yerimisgaletme, “Don’t Occupy My Space,” reverberated on the social network as women joined in to share their experiences.

“When a woman is put in this situation, it is intimidating to warn the man because she doesn’t know what kind of reaction she will receive,” says Tugce Sarigul, a member of the Istanbul Feminist Collective, the group which started the campaign.

Read more via The New York Times.

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I think he may be missing the point.

no i think you’re missing the point.

things designed for women that we call “sexist” actually have advantages which weigh out the disadvantages. 
It’s like women and men in general. We don’t need the same rights to have equal rights.

The pros of being a man are equaled by the pros of being a woman.

"Equal" is not synonymous with "The same" and i think a lot of feminists need to realise this

Also lets not forget that plate armor is not good for women to wear and leads to longer term complications.

Bullshit to both of these, as an amateur scholar of European Warfare. Now while Medieval War is not my specialty, I’ll do my best.

First off, there are zero advantages to the woman’s armor. None. Zilch. Nada. Weight is not an issue with plate mail, since even with the chainmail under-covering, the heaviest part, knight armor comes out to 47 kilograms. That’s less than the average infantryman carries into battle today. It was enough so that guys in reproductions are able to do cartwheels in them. Look up a film by the Metropolitan Museum of Art called I believe “A Night at the Armor Galleries”. People in knight armor were agile.

Secondly, we don’t see any armor that looks anything close to the woman’s because the people during the Medieval Period, contrary to popular belief, were not stupid. The plates are so well made that someone who wore a suit of armor from the period said he had full range of motion inside of it. Think about that. He was 100% able to do everything a normal person could inside his armor.

Thirdly, it does not have long-lasting complications for women. Hell, I know women who do reenactments of Medieval battles, and guess what? They put on the armor like everyone else. Why? Well because as long as they’re strong enough, they can wear it. Armor doesn’t force the weight in any one spot like a backpack. The plates are form-fitting, and distribute the weight evenly.

Fourthly, the female warriors of the period just wore men’s armor.

That simple.

Finally, what you’ve been taught about armor is undoubtedly wrong. Armor was an extremely complex operation, taking at a minimum 7 months and two years’ wages in order to make. Again, these people were not stupid. Armor from the period even included sloping, a concept which was only applied to armored vehicles in the 1930’s! Hell, plate mail was so useful, some units, most notably the Polish Winged Hussars used it successfully up until the 1760’s and achieved absolutely amazing successes with it. Even in 1683, when musketmen were the norm of warfare, the Winged Hussars, armored in full plate armor, managed to fight the Siege of Vienna, performing the largest cavalry charge in history, killing over ten times their number.

tl;dr this is so fucking wrong i don’t even, have a picture of real, sane armor

I would just like the say that the agile thing is absolutely true; I’ve seen a guy wear full plate armour do a motherfucking combat roll, from standing, back to standing, in one smooth motion, no sweat. 

I wear chainmail. I have worn plate. Out of the two, I would prefer chain for agility and plate for being a fucking tank. See? YOU CAN BE GODDAMNED AGILE WITHOUT WEARING A FUCKING BIKINI. 

So what we’re seeing here is that somebody looked at that chainmail bikini and thought it was a) actual ‘women’s armour’ and b) at all practical. This is the level of ignorance and delusion people will go to.

people who think a fucking bikini made out of metal protects you in any meaningful way at all in combat. lal


I love the brilliant replies to the “full plate armor is bad for women” and “women in metal bikinis are equal to men,” but I’m sad that they were necessary.

Stripperiffic fantasy female “armour” - it’s silly, so let’s give it a silly name like SexyArmour™ / SexyArmor™ - didn’t exist In Real History, so explaining how effective it was is smoke in the wind.

Come to that, gender-specific armour didn’t exist In Real History either: there are no examples of armour-made-for-women in museums, and armoured women in art wear “male” armour, which was really pretty androgynous before the armoured codpiece (proper name is “brayette”) became a Big Fashion Statement.

SexyArmour™ didn’t seem to exist at all before 1974, at least I haven’t found any evidence of it. I checked our shelves for book-covers from DAW, Sphere, Mayflower (the mid-70s high period of sword & sorcery), also art-collection books by Mike Whelan, Peter Jones, Chris Achilleos, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and a bunch more. There are plenty of 85-95% nudes whose metallic glamour trappings - belts, pasties, crotch-plates etc. - aren’t pretending to be anything else, but I found no actual SexyArmour™ dated before about 1975.

That was when the late great Frazetta produced two hilarious pieces inspired more or less…well, a lot less…by The Lord of the Rings. If you want to see what “vaguely based on” means, here’s his version of Éowyn of Rohan.

But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Éowyn I am, Éomund’s daughter.”  (book)

I am no man!" (film)

From the number of times they missed the hobbits it was obvious that Nazgûl are pretty unobservant, but those two SexyArmour™ pictures are real “Gee, ya Think?” material. That second one even cost me money - it’s in the Pan-Ballantine Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta Vol. 2, and I laughed so hard in the shop that I bought the damn book out of embarrassment. I still have it, though the Belfast shop is long gone.

1974 was the turning point, because that’s when the classic chainmail bikini appeared for the first time on Marvel Comics’ Red Sonja as drawn by Esteban Maroto. She actually wore a practical mailshirt during her first appearance in 1973, though it stopped at her waist, her legs (femoral arteries, quadriceps, knee-joints, hamstrings) were bare and there was a hint of midriff whenever Barry Smith drew her from the necessary angle.

Like any other SexyArmour™ of similar design, Sonja’s bikini makes an otherwise-NSFW nude acceptable with “functional” censorship patches on the naughty bits, while continuing to expose as much flesh as the publisher can get away with.

It’s mostly female curvaceous, sleek, silky etc. flesh, but there’s plenty of real (not parody) art of male fantasy SexyArmour™ revealing rippled, muscled, toned etc. flesh that clearly provides the same fanservice though the men wearing it glower and look tough rather than pout and look pretty. (No homo!) after all…

With that in mind, these efforts to justify the function and effectiveness (“agility”, “distraction”, “comfort” (?) - “health” is a new one) of such skimpy tinware sound like the babbled excuses heard when walking in on someone…um…polishing their pommel.

SexyArmour™ has more to do with male than mail and involves more tissues than issues, but expecting honesty about it is the most improbable fantasy of all.

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The ruling class doesn’t care about the abstract principle of “property rights.”

True, when it comes to their own property and wealth, they will do anything — lie, cheat, kill — in order to preserve and extend it.

But when it comes to the working masses and the poor, there is no “right” in the world that the capitalist class will refrain from violating if provided with the appropriate opportunity and incentive.


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